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10000 watt power inverter
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10000 Watt Power Inverter

Model #: pwrinv10kw12v
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If Purchased after 4/1/2015 use remote part # REMOTEHF

This 10000 watt 12 volt inverter is the best on the market in its class — guaranteed. This inverter can handle nearly any application with its 10000 watt continuous capacity and 20000 watt surge capabilities (40 milliseconds). sells hundreds of large 12 volt inverters every month, which is why we carry AIMS Power’s newest most innovative version of the product in stock. This inverter is the first of its kind in terms of size and weight, making it far more flexible than any other inverter this size. Whether planning to use this inverter for off-grid cabin applications, mobile business or for a back-up power system in your home, this inverter will get the job done while also taking up the least amount of space possible. The biggest innovation regarding this inverter is its weight: a mere 21 pounds, which is unrivaled by any other inverter on the market with that wattage capacity. Its size is also remarkable, because it takes up less than half the space older models require. For jobs that require a lot of power, you’d usually have to lug out an inverter that’s more than 40 pounds, but those days are over thanks to AIMS Power’s game-changing technology featured in this special 10000 watt 12 volt modified sine inverter. Converting DC to AC for you entire home no longer requires an inverter that weighs as much as a boat anchor, and you can thank this product!
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