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Making Life Easier With a 12 Volt Inverter

With the help of an inverter, you can power a number of electronic devices using nothing but the power supplied by your vehicle, RV, boat or any stand alone battery. Although there are different voltages available in terms of inverters, the most common is the 12 volt inverter. This is because a 12 volt power inverter can easily run off of a car battery, whereas a larger inverter requires a much larger battery in order to work.

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How Do 12 Volt Inverters Work?

The science behind 12 volt inverters is actually quite amazing. This is because they are capable of transforming the direct current, or DC, power that is supplied by the car battery and changing it to alternating current, or AC, power. AC power is the type of power used in most households and, therefore, is the type of power needed to run most electronic items. Therefore, the 12v inverter basically produces the same type of power that is created by utility companies and generators. Yet, inverters are far more compact and are simple to use.

How Are My Electronic Devices Protected When Using a 12 Volt Inverter?

The technology utilized in the 12v power inverter continues to improve. As such, many of them include over voltage protection that will help protect your electronic device from becoming damaged. At the same time, there are two major types of inverters you can select from:

Modified Sine Wave

Pure Sine Wave

The equipment powered by a modified sine wave 12 volt inverter needs to be able to withstand some fluctuation in voltage. Most household appliances and many other electronic devices can be powered with a modified sine wave 12v power inverter. In addition, this is the least expensive method for providing power to devices while on the go.

The pure sine wave 12 volt inverter is necessary when running equipment that needs to meet exact manufacturer specifications. Devices such as variable speed motors, laser printers, and digital clocks all require pure sine wave inverters. In addition, the pure sine wave 12 volt inverter is able to run cooler and start easier.

How Do I Know I Have Enough Power To Use My 12v Power Inverter?

Your 12v power inverter should come with an alarm that will let you know when the battery is getting low. That way, you can be certain you do not drain your battery completely. Nonetheless, it is helpful to have a general idea of how much power you can get from your inverter and how long it will last.

All car batteries have what is referred to as a reserve capacity, which is how long the battery can last without the vehicle being turned on. Typically, this reserve capacity last for about 80 minutes. This means it is capable of supplying 25 amps of power at 12 volts for about one and a half hours. Therefore, if you are continuously draining 120 watts with your 12 volt inverter, you are actually using about 10 amps and your car battery will be able to run for about three hours. If you get a deep cycle battery, on the other hand, it can run the same equipment for about six or eight hours before the battery will need to be recharged. Of course, if the vehicle is running a the time, you don't have to worry about the battery going low because it will be continually charging as the power is being used.

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