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150 Watt Power Inverter 12 Volt by AIMS
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150 Watt Power Inverter 12 Volt by AIMS

Model #: pwrinv150w
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AIMS Power has yet another great compact inverter to power your small devices in the car, truck, or SUV. This 150 watt dc ac inverter is great for laptops, cell phone chargers, and virtually any device that is less than 150w. Not only is this inverter very easy to hook up and use, but it also provides 2 AC receptacles for using multiple devices at the same time. AIMS Power has also designed this unit with the customer in mind. By that, we mean that the plugs have been spaced far enough apart to allow two AC cords to be connected and disconnected with ease. Other inverter manufacturers place their plugs very close together making it difficult to manipulate the items that you will be plugging in. In addition, this inverter has thermally controlled fans that will only turn on when the inverter begins to warm up under heavy operation. Also, this 150 watt car power inverter by AIMS also has an aluminum case for optimal cooling. Therefore, the cooling fans will run less. All features provided by the AIMS Power line put their inverters above and beyond the competition.
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