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2500 Watt Power Inverter Great for the Work Truck or Work Van that is Inexpensive and Affordable
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2500 Watt Power Inverter 12 volt by AIMS

Model #: pwrb2500
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The AIMS Power 2500 watt modified sine power inverter is a great option for mobile and off grid power. With its sturdy design, this inverter does well with any device that has a hard start. By that, we mean the tool or appliance has a very sudden in rush current draw. Other dc to ac inverters might shut down during this in rush stage; not because of the lack of power, but because the in rush might mimic a short and shut the inverter down. This is not a problem with the AIMS 2500 watt inverter. With this inverter, you get a very strong and virtually bullet proof work horse. The inverter can handle power tools, small air compressors, and even some air conditioners (depending on the running load and in rush current). Although the inverter does not show battery condition or output wattage, most inverter users will not need these features due to inverter location. Also, the cooling fans will run continuously at a low speed; this will keep the inverter cool under all conditions. The 12 volt input from a DC source makes this inverter very versatile to work in virtually any application. From mobile work trucks and vans to mobile auto repair and detailing, the AIMS 2500 watt power inverter is a great choice for your mobile power needs.
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