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3000 Watt Power Inverter with Built in Smart Battery Charger and Transfer Switch
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3000 Watt Power Inverter with Battery Charger and Transfer Switch 12 Volt by AIMS.

Model #: pwric300012w
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The AIMS Power 3000 watt power inverter with a built in transfer switch and charger is an excellent inverter with very useful features. Not only is this inverter/charger a perfect inverter to supply backup power, but also for a trucker, camper, or boat enthusiast who is plugging into city power. AIMS Power has included hard wire terminal blocks for the input and output to make the installation much more versatile. The terminal block will provide the full 3000 watts of power; whereas, a standard outlet will only provide 1500 watts. Should be used with a battery bank of at least 200 amp hours When the AC power source is unavailable, this inverter will automatically switch to the DC battery source. The transfer switch will also automatically switch back when AC power is restored (or the inverter is plugged in). Essentially, this inverter can offer automatic back up power for a sump pump, heater, lights, and other necessities during a power outage. When connected to an AC source, the inverter also contains a multi-stage charger to maintain the battery bank connected at a 30 amp rate. The AIMS inverter charger also has the ability to turn the charger off with a convenient power switch. For example if you have another charging source (solar, wind, etc.), you can avoid a situation where the chargers compete. AIMS Power has done a great job producing a rock solid unit that works is a variety of applications. The quality and durability of this unit is second to none. If you need a reliable inverter charger in the 3000 watt range, this is the inverter for you.
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