48 Volt Power Inverters

The Inverter Store carries 48 volt power inverters from AIMS Power. Our selection of 48 volt inverters includes both modified sine wave 48 power inverters and pure sine wave 48 volt power inverters.

48 volt Inverters for Off Grid Power system

You might need an inverter for a 48 volt wind turbine or a 48 volt solar system. The Inverter Store has the 48v inverters no matter what the application. We also offer solar panels which are compatible with 48 volt off-grid power systems. Along with our line of high quality solar panels we have a top notch solar charge controller which is MPPT and capable of handling wind, solar and generators.

Heavy Duty 48 Volt Power Inverters

We have 48 volt industrial grade power inverters. These heavy duty inverters are available in both 120v and 240v ac outputs. Recently we added a 7000 watt 48 volt 220 50 hz power inverter, for use in European and African off grid power systems. These heavy duty power inverters are currently available in 7000 watts.

The Inverter Store offers power inverters, power inverter cables, chargers, deep cycle batteries, solar panels and mppt solar charge controllers. We also carry Kaco Blue Planet grid tie inverters. We also have 12 volt power inverters and 24 volt power inverters.