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5kw whole house complete off grid solar kit with batteries prepper kit
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5000 Watt 12 Volt to 120 Volt 80 Amp Off Grid Solar Kit

Model #: PWRINV500012W-80A-OGSK
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5k Modified 12v 80A Kit

5000 watt solar kit with 12 volt battery bank & 80 amp MPPT

This solar kit includes all the products needed to create an Earth-conscious power system that can start helping to reduce your environmental footprint today.

This environmentally-friendly power system includes everything needed to create an off grid, back up or mobile power system.

This is a cleaner, quieter substitute for a gas or diesel powered generator.

A 5000 watt power inverter by AIMS Power is the backbone to this solar system and can handle an electrical surge of 10,000 watts, meaning it has the power to tackle some serious jobs.

You can also receive a 30 percent tax credit on the purchase and installation of this solar energy system, because the United States government acknowledges that solar energy empowers individuals to begin decreasing their environmental footprints and save money on their energy costs.

This solar kit includes four 230 watt solar panels that are used to charge four 6 volt AGM deep cycle batteries (also included). Those batteries can store up to 450 amp hours of power when connected in series and parallel at once.

This system doesn’t come fully assembled, but thorough directions are included on how to connect the batteries, solar panels, solar charge controller and inverter. Plus, this solar kit comes with all the cables, fuses and connectors that you’ll need to get this power system up and running.

See the specifications tab on this page for a full list of the products included with this solar power system.

The emergency backup power provided by this solar system can be lifesaving in places with inconsistent power systems. In the event of a power outage caused by a storm or other event, a backup power system for a sump pump could stop a house from flooding.

This backup power system can keep your lights on, water flowing and heater running during an outage.

This solar kit can also be great for mobile businesses. The system can be upfitted to a construction vehicle or work truck with ease, providing a reliable source of power wherever you’d like to do business. It will reduce energy costs for your business in the long run, create a viable option as a “going green” marketing campaign, and form a more attractive atmosphere for customers since they won’t have to listen to a loud gas or diesel generator.

It can also be a great tool for recreational applications, such as powering outdoor stereo systems or TV projectors. You can even power snazzy aftermarket features like electric awnings on an RV or boat!

Preserving this Earth is everyone’s job, and this power system by AIMS Power stimulates those efforts by making solar power easy to use.

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