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African Inverter 5000 watts with 10000 watt peak 220 50 hertz
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5000 Watt Power Inverter 12Vdc to 220/230Vac 50Hz by AIMS Power

Model #: pwri5k22050
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The AIMS Power 5000 watt dc to ac inverter with 220 volts AC output is a great choice for an off grid inverter system in Europe and Africa, or any country that requires 50 Hz. However, keep in mind that this inverter is not a “split phase” 220vac; you will not be able to pull one leg off to create 110vac. The 220vac supply is accomplished through one of the two AC receptacles, or the direct connect terminal block. This power inverter will accept 12 volt dc as an input and produce a modified sine wave ac output at 50 Hz.

First and foremost, this AIMS inverter offers some great features that are beneficial to any system. First, the front panel has digital gauges that display DC voltage and amp draw. These gauges allow the customer to actively monitor the condition of their system with easy to read gauges.

Secondly, the cooling fans are thermally controlled; which means the fans will only cycle on when the inverter is under heavy loads or the inverter is getting warm internally.

Whether you need back up power in a country that requires 220vac 50 Hz or an inverter for an off grid system, the AIMS Power 5000 watt 220vac inverter is a great option.

For over a decade, AIMS Power has offered top of the line off grid inverters and accessories for virtually any application.

For PWRI5K22050 Models purchased after 11/18/2014 use the new AIMS Power Remote On/Off Switch.

Product Manual AIMS Power 5000 Watt Power Inverter 50hz - PWRI5K22050

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