All Power Inverters

10000 Watt Power Inverter
Orig: $1,099.00
ONLY $999.00
7000 Watt 48 volt Power Inverter
Orig: $1,299.00
ONLY $1,199.00
5000 watt 48 volt power inverter
Orig: $599.00
ONLY $549.00
5000 watt power inverter 36 volt
Orig: $599.00
ONLY $549.00
3000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter Charger
Orig: $829.00
ONLY $729.00
1500 Watt Pure Sine Inverter Charger
Orig: $599.00
ONLY $509.00
1500 Watt 48 Volt Pure Sine Inverter
Orig: $279.00
ONLY $249.00
1500 Watt 24 Volt Pure Sine Inverter
Orig: $279.00
ONLY $249.00
1500 Watt Pure Sine Power Inverter
Orig: $279.00
ONLY $229.00

Inverters for Every Situation

The Inverter Store is ready to offer solutions to any off-grid or on-grid need. Whether you have a Solar System, Gas Generator, Battery Backup System or Vehicle power, we have the perfect inverter for you! Do you find yourself saying “I need to power my whole house”? We have a power inverter for that! Do you do hydroponics for indoor growing? We have a power inverter for that! Been hit by a tropical storm, hurricane recently? We have a power inverter for that! Does your country have an unreliable power grid? Trust us, the solution lays just beyond this text. We here at The Inverter Store have clients and customer from all walks of life, countries and clients. Think you've got a weird solution? We've probably heard it before.

Mobile Power Inverters - Modified Sine Wave and Pure Sine Wave

Our inverters are great for Boat, RV, Tractor Trailers and Cars. We have inverter chargers for those mobile applications where you have the option of using your vehicle battery or shore power. Our inverters are capable of running everything from a guitar amp or radio, to television or refrigerator or freezer. These Power Inverter Chargers are great for running in a Food Truck where the appliances used are AC.

Solar Inverter Chargers

Happen to have Solar Panels? We carry Solar Inverter Chargers capable of accepting small strings of solar panels to provide power on the go or in remote locations. This enables hunters with distant hunting cabins far away from civilization to have the comforts of a heater or electric stove, DVD player and Television.

Industrial Grade Inverters

Looking for something that will be put under more strenuous load? Take a look at our Industrial Grade Power Inverters capable of providing massive power on demand with phase correction.

African, European, Asian and South American Inverters

Not in the United States? We have inverters and inverter chargers to support nearly every country worldwide. We have 220vac 50hz inverters that will work in African Nations where a 220 volt 50hz system is in place. We have power inverters that will work in Europe, Asia and South America in 220, 240 or 120 volts in both 50hz and 60hz. We also carry inverters for the North American and Caribbean markets.

Using a DC to AC inverter

Using a DC to AC inverter is a great way to help you get power no matter where you are. So long as you have a battery in which you can plug your DC power inverter, you will be able to have the power you need in order to use the electronic device. Of course, you need to make certain you have purchased the DC/AC inverter that provides you with the proper watts and voltage as well as other special needs that you might have. To gain a better understanding of how DC/AC inverters work, it is a good idea to understand what the various terms mean.

Understanding Watts And How They Relate To DC To AC Inverters

In short, the watts are a measurement of how much power an electronic device uses when it is turned on. In mathematical terms, it is determined by multiplying the voltage times the amps. In the case of a DC inverter, the watts are a measurement of how much power it can supply. You might hear the term "watts per day" while looking for an power inverter, but this is really a misleading term and is much like saying that something moves at a speed of so many miles per hour per day.

Rather than considering the watts per day when purchasing a DC to AC inverter, you should concern yourself simply with the wattage the inverter can supply. You might also concern yourself with the watt-hours, or KWH. This number refers to the number of watts the appliance pulls during a specific number of hours of use. With a light that pulls 100 watts, for example, it would use 900 watt-hours during a 9 hour period because 9 times 100 is equal to 900. This is the figure that is used by the power company to determine how much you owe on your bill each month.

Understanding Amps And How They Relate To DC To AC Inverters

A DC/AC inverter also has an amp reading. Amps are a measurement of the electrical current. The thickness of the wiring used with the DC/AC inverter is determined by the amps, with hire amp amounts needing thicker wires because the amps create more heat. If the wires used with power inverter are too thin, they become overheated and voltage drops may occur.

Amps can also be measures in amp-hour, or AH. The AH is more important when talking about DC/AC inverters because this determines the battery capacity. In turn, this determines how long the DC to AC power inverter can run.

When deciding on the DC to AC inverter that is right for you, you need to make certain your battery amp rating is sufficient for your power needs. In addition, you should only look at DC inverters that are big enough to provide power to all of the appliances you may wish to use at any given time.