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How To: Batteries and Inverters

AGM battery banks are commonly used in off-grid power systems. It’s important to use a deep cycle battery bank for your power inverter system because it is designed to provide standalone power and handle a deeper discharge than a common car battery. At you can find AGM batteries or deep cycle batteries that you need.

AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) is an important technology in a deep cycle battery. An AGM battery is sealed and does not give off dangerous gases like a wet lead acid battery, which is why this AGM technology is the most popular type of deep cycle battery.

At you will find a full selection of AGM batteries that can be used as an inverter battery bank. We have 12 volt and 6 volt deep cycle batteries in many different sizes. If you are building a mobile business with an auxiliary deep cycle battery bank, an AGM battery can provide the reliability and longevity you need to keep your business going.

We also have a full selection of modified and pure sine wave inverters to use with your deep cycle battery bank, and we can help you design the right inverter and battery system for your situation. Contact us today to get the batteries you need.