Lithium Ion 12 Volt Battery 100 amps by Battle Born Batteries

Model # bb10012
Lithium Ion 12 Volt Battery 100 amps by Battle Born Batteries
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The newest in battery technology! This 12 volt, 100 amp, deep cycle lithium ion battery is perfect for applications that need a lot of power in a small, lightweight and compact design. The Battle Born lithium battery has automatic cell balancing preventing the battery from over-charging or over-discharging. This battery can be used in any 12 volt lead acid battery application. Use it as a replacement or in a new system.


Lifetime capacity is 6 times more than a standard lead acid battery

Built in battery management system


No extra hardware needed if used as a replacement to lead acid

Faster charging time than traditional lead acid batteries

This battery has a built in protective battery management system. The battery can provide up to 100 amps or 1200 watts of power. For power systems requiring more than 1200 watts, we recommend purchasing one battery for every 1200 watts needed.

100 amp hours

200 amp hours surge for 30 seconds

1/2 second sure for larger loads

High and low voltage protection

Short circuit protection

Charges best at 14.4 volts bulk and absorption charge. 13.6 volts is acceptable

High and low temp protection

Automatic cell balancing

29 lbs

12 3/4 x 6 7/8 x 9 inches (Similar to a Group 27)

Warranty - 3 years

Lifetime capacity - 300,000 amp hour

Assembled in the USA

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