The size of inverter cables is an important component of your power inverter system. If you do not have the correct inverter cables, or your power inverter cables are worn and mismatched, they can directly affect the power and efficiency of your entire system. You will, in effect, create a power bottleneck and you will reduce the amount of power reaching the inverter.

At, we have high quality stranded copper cable available for almost any project; We are committed to helping you get the right size cable for any inverter. You will find many different lengths at, and we can custom cut inverter cable to any length. (Since these cables are cut when they are ordered, we cannot accept returns on inverter cables. Please make sure you measure twice before ordering.) All our cables are UL listed, lugged on both ends, and ready to install.

Another important part of a power inverter system is an inline fuse. The main purpose of an inline fuse is to protect the positive lead of your inverter battery cable from shorting out to a ground or another power source, which could cause a fire or the total destruction of your battery bank. An inline fuse is an effective and affordable way to protect your system, and recommends that you use an inline fuse in every power inverter system. Contact us today to start your order.