What type of power inverter do I need to power my HP D110 Inkjet printer?
One of our clients asked us to supply them with a DC to AC power inverter to power an HP D110 inkjet printer in one of their police vehicles. We were able to do some testing on this unit in our building. We found that this printer requires an AIMS Power pure sine inverter.

We supplied them with the AIMS 300 watt pure sine power inverter with dual ac outlets, which will allow them to plug their laptop in at the same time. This AIMS power inverter comes with a cigarette lighter adaptor giving them quick and easy access to run their HP D110 inkjet printer.

Customers do have the flexibility of installing this pure sine power inverter elsewhere in the vehicle. This would most commonly be done by direct connecting to the vehicle battery. The printer will then be plugged into the power inverter and placed in the most convenient spot for use.

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