DC to AC Inverter FAQ

How long can I run my equipment with battery and inverter?
Battery/Appliance Operating Times Worksheet

To estimate how long your equipment will run and to help determine the size of battery you need, use the worksheet below.

(If you don't get a calculation it is because you have too many watts or not enough battery amperage)

1. Enter the voltage of your battery or bank of batteries. Battery Voltage
Battery Type Voltage

 Amp Hours(Estimate)

Group 27 12 90
Group 31 12 105
4 D 12 160
8 D 12 220
2. Enter the total Amp/Hrs of the battery or bank of batteries. Amp/Hrs
3. Enter the combined Watt value of the appliances you plan to run from your battery. Watts
Examples Watts
20" Color TV 100
Blender 300
Coffee Maker 1000
Circular Saw 1500
Computer System 200
Microwave Oven 800
Power Drill 400
Hair Dryer 1500
Just an example. Your products could be rated differently.

Click the Calculate button to see the number of hours your configuration should run.

hour(s) of operating time, approximate. Based on fully charged batteries.

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