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Online Battery Bank Calculator

Ever wonder How To Size A Battery Bank? We get asked a lot "How many batteries do I need?" and "How long will these batteries last with this inverter?". Well, we've simplified that for you here. This calculator will allow you to plug in how many watts you will be using and how long you plan on using it for, and find out to the decimal how many batteries you will need (A little rounding on your part will be needed).

This calculator is based on our extremely popular 12 Volt AGM Sealed Lead Acid Battery, and takes into account the 50% discharge rate that we recommend for the battery bank, giving you the optimum amount of cycles. So go ahead and start plugging in your numbers!

Calculating your battery bank size (based off of 12 volt 200AH AGM Battery)
Total Number of 200 Amp Hour Batteries


*If you have a 24 Volt Battery Bank, it is safe to round up to the next multiple of 2. For Example: If the calculator calculates that you need 13.33333333 Batteries, round up to 14. This will give you 7 pairs of 2 batteries.

**If you have a 48 Volt Battery Bank you need to round up to the next multiple of 4. Again using the previous example of the calculator showing you need 13.3333333 Batteries, you will need to round up to 16 to give you a well built battery bank.

If you plan on keeping your battery bank at 12 volts, the number supplied should be sufficient. Rounding the number to the next highest will be your safest option.