Industrial Grade Inverters

If you are looking for a tough power inverter, look no further. In our Heavy duty inverter section you will find the product you need. The AIMS Power line of industrial grade inverters has a reputation for being among the toughest power inverters on the planet.

What makes these inverters industrial grade?

There are a few main reasons why these inverters are top notch quality and built to last. First, the AIMS Power heavy duty inverter line were designed with a 9 second surge time, which is over 20 times greater than a standard power inverter surge time of 40 milliseconds. The extended surge time makes the inverter more capable of handling large loads. Second, these heavy duty inverters are able to operate in hotter and colder temperatures. These power inverters will operate at a maximum of 167 degrees Fahrenheit. It can also operate in colder temperatures; the inverter will stay on at close to 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Heavy Duty Inverters in various DC inputs

You will find our heavy duty dc to ac inverters are available in 12 volts, 24 volt and 48 volts. With various output voltages which can be deployed all around the globe. We have inverters with various ac outputs including 120Vac 60hz, single phase 240Vac 60hz and 220Vac 50hz for use in Africa and Europe.

All the heavy duty power inverters we offer are currently modified sine wave. Which are great in almost every industrial application. If you need an inverter to count on every day, choose an AIMS Industrial grade inverter. A true workhorse inverter product that will last for many years and perform day after day.