Inverter Chargers

If you are looking for inverter chargers, we have a complete selection. Our high quality power inverter chargers offer you all the features you need at a great price. These units are DC to AC inverters with built in chargers and automatic transfer switches. Many people use our AIMS Power inverter chargers for backing up sump pumps to keep their basements dry in a storm or hurricane.

We have the right Inverter Charger for any application

We offer two sizes of inverter chargers the smaller is a 1500 watt inverter charger the larger is a 3000 watt inverter charger. These units are available as a pure sine wave power inverter charger and a modified sine wave power inverter charger.

Power Inverter Chargers are great for Emergency Back Up Power

These inverter chargers are excellent for supplying emergency backup power in your home, during a power outage. Our AIMS Power 3000 watt inverter charger is a great choice to use in a backup power system. It offers a 30 amp charger, which is a multistage charger, so it drops to a trickle charge to maintain your batteries.

RV Inverter Chargers

Your RV probably has a unit similar to this one installed now, when that inverter charger needs to be replaced, look no further. Our power inverter chargers are easy to implement into your RV power system.