Power Inverters By Watts

Here you can see the entire line of AIMS Power Inverters, Inverter Chargers and Solar Inverter Chargers. Available to you in wattage categories to give you the ease of searching without being swamped with unnecessary and irrelevant wattage ranges.

75-800 Watt Power Inverters

This range is perfect for mobile applications! Put them in your backpack, car or truck. Need something for that tailgating party? This range has something for you.

800w-1500w Inverters

If you need a power inverter to handle a little more than just a few small accessories, this range of inverters would be great for running your desktop computer, television, blender, hair dryer or other mid-range electronics that require more than just a few hundred watts.

1500w-2500w Inverters

So you're running just more than one or two appliances? Well this range of inverters is the most versatile range of inverters we have. This will cover most if not all of your daily needs. This range of inverters are great Starter inverters for your Toy Hauler, RV or Boat without breaking the bank.

Inverters over 2500 watts

Looking for a power inverter to run your whole house? Have a lot of power requirements? This range of inverters is perfect for your off-grid emergency backup power system, hydroponic growing using green energy, larger RV's and Yachts, and your entire home. This range of inverters includes the Industrial Grade section as well as Marine Grade section. If you need a whole lot of power on demand, this would be the best and most cost effective choice for you.