Modified Sine Power Inverters

At, we offer modified sine power inverters in many different sizes that are capable of running most types of devices. While they don’t produce the same type of power as a pure sine power inverter, they work fine in most cases and are also much less expensive.

DC to AC Power Inverters

We offer a wide range of DC to AC power inverters (modified sine power inverters) that are powerful, reliable, and affordable. Individuals can use a quality DC AC inverter to take unreliable power and change it into an AC current that electronic devices can use. This kind of modified sine wave power inverter creates a "blocky" waveform, resembling a set of steps rather than the smooth curves in the waveform produced by the utility company. Nevertheless, this type of DC to AC converter can produce the kind of power that is suitable for most applications.

A Great Selection of Modified Sine Inverters

DC to AC inverters are usually the most affordable solution for powering a large number of appliances. Our selection of modified sine power inverters includes three different DC input options (12 volt, 24 volt, and 48 volt power inverters). You will also find two different single phase output voltages for 60hz power systems: 120 vac 60hz and 240 vac 60hz. We also offer African inverters and European inverters, which are available in single phase 220 vac 50hz output.

UL Listed Modified Sine Inverters

At we offer a full line of industrial-grade DC to AC power inverters. You can also find ETL-listed power inverters in our inventory which are lab-tested and approved to UL standard 458 and CSA certified power inverters. We also offer a couple of modified sine power inverters with built in charger and transfer switch, available in 1500 and 3000 watts.

If you are looking for modified sine power inverters, we have everything from 75 watt power inverters to 8000 watt power inverters. At The, we are dedicated to providing the support and help you need to get the best DC to AC inverters available. Order your new power inverter today.