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40 Amp MPPT Solar charge controller by AIMS Power
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40 Amp MPPT Solar charge controller by AIMS Power

Model #: scc40mppt
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AIMS Power MPPT + Solar Charge Controller 40 amps The AIMS Power 40 amp solar charge controller is one of the most flexible solar charge controllers on the market today. This highly efficient solar charge controller is compatible with 12, 24, 36 and 48 volt systems. We also have an 80 amp mppt charge controller for larger systems.

Solar charge Controller
The AIMS MPPT Charge controller can charge Flooded Lead Acid (FLA), GEL and AGM batteries. The unit is also capable of multi stage charging depending on your battery type the controller will automatically choose 2, 3 or 4 stage charging.

The AIMS MPPT Solar Charge controller is designed to be used in an off-grid solar PV system. Our charge controllers for stand-alone systems are a critical component of your off-grid PV system. You need an mppt charge controller to safely and efficiently transfer the energy from your solar panels to your battery bank. So that you will have more power to use with your inverter.
MPPT Charge Controller
An MPPT charge controller optimizes the voltage from your panels to the correct voltage on your battery bank automatically. Maximum power point tracking solar charge controllers have many features that PWM charge controllers do not.

Mainly, the AIMS MPPT charge controller integrates MPPT, battery charge management and state of charge information from your system. In addition, AIMS MPPT offers auto or manual equalization of cells in flooded battery banks. The AIMS MPPT Charge Controller is stackable for up to 16 units in parallel to manage a larger off-grid system.

The flexibility of this unit allows it to be used in a system as small as 1-230 watt solar panel up to a massive 128-230 watt solar panel (with 16 units stacked). State of the art technology combined with industry leading features, makes the AIMS MPPT+ an excellent choice for your off-grid PV array.

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