Power Inverters for Cars

Driving along in your car and need to charge an important piece of equipment yet the cigarette outlet won’t do? Is your big rig your primary residence and you need to run some entertainment equipment? Mobile business like a glass repair, roadside assistance or food truck? Look no further than here! Listed below are some of our best recommendations for running a power inverter from a vehicle.

Cigarette Lighter Compatible Inverters

These inverters are your best bet when you need a quick plug-in to and from your vehicle’s cigarette lighter. Designed for low-power applications like small laptops, radios, phone chargers and even CPAP machines, these power inverters are great for providing power for your smaller AC electronics.

Cigarette Lighter Port Limitation

Please note that your cigarette lighter adapter is limited to around 200 watts of power. You may run a 300 or 400 watt inverter off of this adapter, but you’re limited to the cigarette lighter ports maximum output of 180-200 watts. Your higher power device may not power on when trying to exceed this amount, or you may blow a fuse.

Large Consumption Inverters for Cars

Need a lot more power for your tailgating party? Running a frozen meat delivery service and need an inverter to keep your food cold around town? These larger inverters are designed to plug directly into your vehicles primary or secondary battery (optional). This will make your food truck business more profitable in the long run as you will eliminate the need for a noisy generator and gasoline. Or if you’re demonstrating product while on the road and need a bit more heft, these larger inverters are your best bet.

Inkjet Printer Inverters

The Reno Police Department Commercial Vehicle Division utilizes the AIMS 180 Watt Pure Sine Inverter in their Commercial Vehicle Enforcement trucks to provide power to their inkjet Printers. Several other commercial vehicle law enforcement agencies utilize the larger Pure Sine Inverters for this task as well. So the AIMS inverters are trusted by the government, and can be entrusted to the civilian market as well!