Preparing for Hurricane Sandy - Power Inverters

Hurricane Sandy (Megastorm, Frankenstorm, Blizzcane) is Approaching are you ready?

As the threat of Hurricane Sandy is looming over the Eastern Seaboard, many residents will find themselves unprepared for power outages during and after the storm. Hurricane Sandy is expected to do more damage than Irene, which left over 7 million without power for up to 3 days after the storm.

Power Inverters are Great for Back Up Power

The Inverter Store specializes in emergency backup power solutions. We have been offering our customers the knowledge and expertise in back up power for hurricane zones for almost a decade. We sell power inverters and can ship them to you fast.

Hurricane related Power Outages

In a hurricane, you could lose power; your appliances will not work, including the refrigerator. If you need lighting and safely stored food during an extended outage a power inverter is perfect for you.

We offer all types of power inverters for home and business. If you need a power inverter and want to get it there fast.

This offer excludes freight items, it’s only good for units that can ship UPS Parcel. (Items excluded include 230 watt and 120 watt solar panels, batteries, and any other products over 100 pounds.)