Some feedback from our customers.......



My inverter runs my business. I received it quickly!

Paul, Florida



We use our inverter in our boat and it powers all of our household items. Thanks Inverter Store.

Debbie, North Carolina



The Inverter Store has the best selection and the best prices.

I have 2 inverters and they work great.

Javier, New York

5/10/06 - We just installed the 2500 watt power inverter in our commercial van and our paint equipment works perfectly! John, Missouri

6/20/06 - I had a lot of question and The Inverter Store spent time sizing my inverter and recommending everything I need. Sue, Texas

9/14/06- I used my inverter for a recent camping trip and now everyone wants one. Thanks for providing a good, quality product. Larry, San Diego

1/12/07 - My 5000 watt inverter has made my ice cream business a  success!  Jose, Texas

3/2/07 - I have a Cpap machine and my inverter  allows me to  travel and not  loose a wink of sleep.  Walter, Ohio

5/23/07 - I used my inverter for a  float  for a local parade. We were able to provide sound and make a cup of java for everyone. I should have thought of this sooner. Reed, Maryland

7/18/07 - I found a great little inverter for my laptop and it was only $25. I'm able to charge my battery and work on the road. Laura, Nebraska