Used 2000 Watt Low Frequency Inverter Charger 48 volt

Model # used-picoglf20w48v120v
Used 2000 Watt Low Frequency Inverter Charger 48 volt
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Here we have the Industrial-Marine Grade AIMS Power 2000 Watt Low Frequency Pure Sine Inverter Charger and Transfer Switch in 48 volts. This Inverter Charger is anything but your typical Inverter-Charger.

This is the High-Voltage Input version of the 12 volt and 24 volt power inverters in the PICO series. It's input voltage is capable of handling up to 64 volts for your series wired batteries, putting less strain on the lower voltage batteries this way.

The power inverter charger boasts a 6000 watt surge that lasts for 20 seconds, powering your microwave, refrigerator or small air conditioner no problem (depending on appliance amperage).

Capable of running in your off-grid system such as a passenger car, RV, boat, remote or rural home, this Power Inverter Charger can be used in conjunction with a fuel powered generator to charge the batteries, as well as solar, wind or any other source.

This power inverter charger is necessary to keep your commercial operation up and running during the eventual power outages. This Pure Sine Wave inverter is great for running your computers and other sensitive electronics where they depend upon their timing from the Sine Wave. The low frequency amplitude of the power signature is capable of handling sharp spikes in AC input power from unreliable power grids such as those found in Africa and South America.

As with the lower voltage models, this power inverter houses a 10ms transfer switch which provides a seamless transition in the event of a power outage. It also includes the selectable 25 watt power saver mode that automatically wakes the inverter charger from it's sleep mode once it detects a load of 25 watts or greater. During the power saver mode, the power inverter charger draws less than a half an amp of power, except during short bursts every 30 seconds.

The built-in 40amp solar charge controller will rapidly charge your 48 volt batteries once an AC power source is applied to the inverter charger.

This power inverter charger comes in 12 and 24 volt models, linked below:

2000 watt 12 volt inverter charger
2000 watt 24 volt inverter charger

  • 2000 watt low frequency inverter
  • 6000 watt surge for 20 seconds 300% surge capability
  • Terminal Block
  • Marine Coated and Protected
  • Multi Stage Smart charger 40 Amp
  • remote panel available
  • auto frequency
  • 10msec typical transfer time
  • optional 25W power save mode
Inverter Output Specifications:
  • Continuous Output Power: 2000 Watts
  • Surge Rating: 6000 Watts (20 Seconds)
  • Output Waveform: Pure Sine/Same as input (Bypass Mode)
  • Output Voltage 100-110-120Vac
  • Nominal Efficiency: >88% (Peak)
  • Line Mode Efficiency: >95%
  • Output Frequency: 50Hz +/- 0.3Hz / 60Hz +/- 0.3Hz
  • Typical Transfer Time: 10ms (Max)
  • THD: < 10% DC

Input Specifications
  • Nominal Input Voltage: 48.0Vdc
  • Minimum Start Voltage: 40.0Vdc
  • Low Battery Alarm: 42.0Vdc-44.0Vdc
  • Low battery Trip: 40.0Vdc-42.0Vdc
  • High Voltage Alarm: 64.0Vdc
  • Low battery Voltage Restart: 62.0Vdc
  • Idle Consumption: 1.25 amps DC
  • Power Saver Mode Idle Consumption: <.50 amps DC depending on search mode

Charger Specifications
  • Output voltage: Depends on battery Type
  • Charger Rate: 15A
  • Over Charge Protection Shutdown 62.8V
  • Selectable Charge setting based on battery type
  • Adjustable charge current off-20%-100%
  • Four Stage Smart Charger

Transfer Switch Specifications
  • 30 amp auotmatic transfer switch
  • 10 ms (max)

  • Unit Weight: 44 lbs.
  • Unit Size L x W x H: 17.40 x 8.59 x 7.05 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 47 lbs.
  • Shipping L x W x H 22.83 x 12.40 x 11.81 inches
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