2500 Watt Power Inverter with Built-in Extension Cord

Model # bct010009d-SAMPLE
2500 Watt Power Inverter with Built-in Extension Cord
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This product is a sample product. The condition and looks of it may vary. It does not have a logo and it may or may not have a manual available. These items are discounted up to 30% off. This product is fully tested and functioning properly. These units are backed by a 1 year full replacement warranty. If you have any questions about this used product or any other of our used items, please email us
  • 2500W max continuous power
  • Modified sine wave
  • Over Temperature protection
  • Over Load protection
  • Single 20 amp ac receptacle attached to a built-in 13 foot extension cord that can be used with a separate spliter if extra outlets are needed. Surge power strips not recommended.
  • On/off switch
  • This unit has dual thermal cooling fans
  • Internally fuse protected · ac output short circuit protection
  • Auto reset on most fault conditions Battery terminals are designed to conduct more current therefore, requiring only one set of cables.
  • Aluminum case for optimal cooling
  • Pre-slotted mounting plate
  • Instruction manual
  • Free 1 year tech support
  • 1 Year Warranty Parts and Labor

Product Manual AIMS Power 2500 Watt Power Inverter with extension cord - BCT010009

  • Continuous output power: 2500 Watts. Use 200 amp inline fuse.
  • Surge power capability (peak power): 5000 Watts
  • dc input / operating voltage: 10 to 15 Volts
  • Output voltage: 120 Volts ac +/- 10%
  • Output wave form: modified sine wave with phase correction
  • Output frequency: 60 Hz +/- 1 Hz · Battery low voltage alarm: 10.5 +/- 0.5 Volts
  • Battery low voltage shutdown: 10.0 +/- 0.5 Volts
  • AC amps: 21
  • DC amps: 208
  • No load current: 2.1 Amps with switch in the on position.
  • Full load efficiency: 90%
  • 1/3 load efficiency: 95%
  • No load minimum operating temperature: -15 degrees Celsius
  • Full load maximum operating temperature: 55 +/- 5 degrees Celsius (automatic shutdown)
  • AC Output Socket Type: dual Type 2 -3 prong
  • High input voltage protection: 15V-17V
  • Low input voltage shutdown: 10V
  • Internal fuse protection
  • Product size (L x W x H): 18.75”X 9.5”X 3.75”
  • Weight: 13.5 lbs
  • 20A rated Outlet for high draw items.
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