Used 35 Amp 12 volt Smart Battery Charger by Powermax

Model # chgpm3-35-used
Used 35 Amp 12 volt Smart Battery Charger by Powermax
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This product is not new, it is used. These items are discounted upto 30% off. This product is fully tested and functioning properly. These units are backed by a 1 year full replacement warranty. If you have any questions about this used product or any other of our used items, please email us This PowerMax Smart Battery Charger is capable of providing a constant load demand of up to 100% of its rated capacity. Pumps, fans, motors, and radio equipment will run with no problems on the charger. Each charger has a fully integrated 3 stage microprocessor controller charger along with its highly controlled power supply output. The charger can accept a low voltage input of 105 volts, and up to 135 VAC on the high end. With a weight of only 7 pounds, the smart battery charger is a great option for RV, Radio, Backup power, and pump use as well as many other low amperage demands. The charger must be installed in a well-ventilated area where it will be safe from the environment.
  • Automatic three-stage battery charging maintains your battery's life with three nominal voltage output
  • 13.2 Vdc range "float" mode
  • 13.6 Vdc range "absorption mode
  • 14.4 Vdc range"bulk" mode
  • Electronic current limiting automatically shuts down power during overload or short-circuit conditions.
  • Quiet operation in a wide range outputs. Convenient deck mount installation.
  • DC Output Voltage (No Load) 13.6V approx. (DC)
  • Output Voltage Tolerance (no + or – Load) .7%
  • Output Amperage, Max 32 Amps Continuous
  • Output Voltage (Full Load) >13.4V approx. (DC)
  • Maximum Power Output, 430 Watts Continuous
  • Input Voltage Range 105-135 AC
  • Input Voltage Frequency 47-63
  • Maximum AC Current @ 10 Amps 108VAC
  • Typical Efficency >85%
  • Max Inrush Current, Single 40 Cycle Amps
  • Short Circuit Protection Yes
  • Overload Protection >100%
  • Line Regulation 100mV rms
  • Load Regulation <1.0%
  • Fan Control Proportional
  • Thermal Protection Yes
  • Working Temp Range 0-45C
  • Storage Temp -20 to 80C
  • Withstand Voltage 1240V @ leads
  • Dimensions 7.15 x 10.5 x 3.45
  • Weight 5.0lbs
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