Used Transfer Switch 3 way automatic 30 amp by AIMS

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Used Transfer Switch 3 way automatic 30 amp by AIMS
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This product is not new, it is used. This product is fully tested and functioning properly.

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Overview: For reliable, safe power at all times, The Automatic Rapid 3 Way Automatic Transfer Switch by AIMS Power Inc. is your ideal solution. Like other automatic transfer switches, this device provides for seamless, immediate transfer of electrical power between an AC outlet and a backup generator. But, the Automatic Rapid 3 Way Automatic Transfer Switch takes it one step further with its digital operated software that also synchronizes power with a 110/120 Vac inverter. The result? Continuous power, every minute of every day. If your shore/city electrical supply is interrupted, this device will automatically transfer power requirements to a generator and if that power source is down, it will then transfer all power needs to a 12 volt battery. All power sources and needs are continually synchronized to ensure safe operation. Plus, you’ll be sure to appreciate the unit’s digital design which requires low power consumption for operation. Examples of Uses: Ideal for commercial vehicles, RV’s, cabins and boat’s.
  • Automatic detection and selection of AC power
  • Detection of AC power sources:
  1. Shore or city power
  2. Generator power
  3. 110/120Vac Power Inverter.
  4. Number 1 & 2 priorities can be switched.
  5. The inverter is always last and cannot be switched.
  • 30amp protect switch Main power lamp
  • 3 lights on front and back that shows current output power
  • Outgoing power source indicator lamps – only one lit at a time
  • 2 AC Outlets 1 Direct Connect Output
  • 1 - 12 or 24 volt power source cable included
  • Application: Unit will automatically select and use power in the following order:
  1. Shore or city power
  2. Generator power
  3. External 110/120 VAC inverter If a lower priority power is available on the output, but an higher level (city for ex:) is detected, it will be monitored for 5 seconds to ensure stability, then transfer to higher level power is made.
  4. This avoids unnecessary and potentially damaging transfers between power sources

Product Manual AIMS Power 3 Way Automatic Transfer - PWR3AXFER

  • Continuous output power – 30 amps (3600 watts)
  • AC Output Voltage – 110/120 VAC
  • Transfer Time with Grid Loss - max 26 msec (seamless power interruption)
  • Output frequency – 50 or 60HZ
  • Max current usage: 34 mAmps
  • Dimensions – 9.68" x 3.86" x 6.93"
  • Weight – 5 lbs, boxed 7 lbs
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